Best Electrician Tool Belts | Ultimate Reviews for 2021

For years electricians and mechanics have been working around us helping us by fixing so many things. They usually have to carry a lot of tools with themselves in order to tackle the job perfectly. However, these tools need to be stored efficiently for safer and convenient moving. Most people use different toolboxes which is a good solution. To get a better idea about the Best Electrician Tool Belts, just read our full article.

However, you can not use toolbox everywhere. It is because especially if you are an electrician sometimes you have to deal with narrow spacings. Places that are a bit far from reach can be extremely difficult when you are going up and down to get a required tool. In order to save you from such hurdles, many tool manufacturers came up with decent solutions.

Considerable options for selecting Best Electrician Tool Belts

Image Product Details   Price
backpac DEWALT DG5641  Brand: DEWALT 
Note: combo apron with suspenders has fully-adjustable padded suspenders
Check Price
backpac Gatorback B145 Brand: Gatorback
Note: Patented air channel design to provide the user with a breathable, comfortable
Check Price
cordlessblower Occidental 9855 Brand: Occidental
Note: Fully adjustable belt sizing allows for seasonal clothing changes
Check Price
cordlessblower Occidental 5590 Brand: Occidental
Note: Hand-Specific Tool Holders Promote Maximum Working Rhythm on the Job, USA Made.
Check Price
cordlessblower OX-P263604 Brand: OX Tools
Note: 22 tool holders and pocket layout for perfect rhythm
Check Price
cordlessblower TradeGear Brand: Occidental
Note: 27 new and improved spacious pockets, 2 heavy duty pouches, 4x suspender-to-belt attachment loops
Check Price
cordlessblower CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Brand: Custom Leathercraft
Note: Unique, padded suspenders on this tool belt are engineered to carry loads comfortably and distribute weight
Check Price

They have created amazing tool belts that can store your tools quite efficiently. You can simply just wrap them around your waist and place all of your tools without any issue. No matter if you are carrying screws, tape, pliers, or even hammer these tool belts will save your day. However, there is a slight bit of a problem when it comes to buying the best electrician belts.

The problem is since there are so many manufacturers out there it seems very hard to choose from such a wide array of options. Though you are not alone as we have got you completely covered. We did some research for you and during our research we found some of the best tool belts. These tool belts are best from all angles. Whether you need portability or durability you can count on each one of them.

We have compiled a list of the electrician tool belts which is worth giving a look. Here they are:

Best DeWalt Electrician Tool Belt

About DeWalt

For years DeWalt is serving as a top manufacturer for different kinds of tools. They have skilled engineers and an R&D team which is up to the mark. The company tries its best by analyzing modern-day job sites. They face all kinds of challenges side by side along with professional contractors and then bring innovative solutions.

No matter if you are using their staple guns, impact wrenches, or wet tile saws you will experience next-level performance. This is one of the so many reasons behind the company’s success. They have made their profile so higher that people in different parts of the world trust their tools. They are the top choice of many skilled contractors, professional mechanics, electricians, and DIYers.

DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with Suspenders, 20 Pocket

The DeWalt DG5641 Framer’s combo is one of the electrician belts. It has so many features that make it trustworthy and capable of tackling tough job sites. The belt features an amazing design that is supported by suspenders. Suspenders are one hell of a necessary thing especially when you are carrying too many tools with you. They will help you by holding the belt firmly.

DeWalt DG5641 The #1 Top Electrician’s Belt

Though some tool belts do not come with suspenders it is highly recommended to buy. The best part about this tool belt is that the suspenders are completely adjustable. You can easily adjust them according to your size to get the most out of the belt. It has 20 different pockets that offer enormous amounts of storage for storing different tools and items.

Best Electrician Tool Belt

Some of these pockets serve well for storing nails which is the most recommended thing. Nails and screws can be very annoying especially when you drop them somewhere during your work. With just a tiny piece of equipment your whole workflow will suffer.

Since these tool belts are used for storing tools they can be pretty annoying when you carry a lot of tools. In order to keep them comfortable for long-time wear, DeWalt has done a remarkable job to be in the no#1 best selling as well as Best Electrician Tool Belt on Amazon. The company has enhanced the straps of the belt with extra padding. This extra amount of padding allows next-level comfort no matter how heavy the belt gets. It will never disturb you during your work and you can finish the job quite comfortably.

Its built-in pockets and sleeves will help you hold nails, parts, tools, and other items. They are all extremely easy to access which increases the overall workflow. There is a double-tongue roller buckle on this work apron that helps in providing an extra layer of comfort. It also helps in keeping the belt stable all the time so that you can work nonstop without any issue.

  • Durable and quality design
  • Enough pockets to store all of your tools without any issue
  • Adjustable straps
  • The clips of the straps are made of plastic which may not be very durable

Final Verdict

This tool belt is made with next-level skill. Though most people are not happy with the plastic clip of the straps it works like a charm. If you are an electrician and looking for a tool belt that can hold different items for you without any issue then you should definitely go for it.

Best Gatorback Toolbelt for Electricians

About Gatorback electrician tool belts

Gatorback is a brand that is well known for its high-quality belts. No matter if you are looking for casual belts or tool belts they have got you covered. It has made its name in the whole market due to its Batter quality products and amazing design. All the belts from Gatorback are made with the next level of enthusiasm. It has perfect stitching and everything is aligned and intact.

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt

The Gatorback B145 is another electrician’s tool belt to be considered. Although this belt is specifically designed for carpenters, if you find yourself carrying too much-required tools then you should go for this one. It has so much capability that it can hold everything perfectly and in a better-organized way. No matter if you are holding parts, screws, or just different kinds of tools you can always count on it.

Electrician Tool Belt

The belt comes with a one year warranty which makes it very reliable. According to the company, if something happens to the belt within one year such as stitching issues etc they will exchange it free of cost. This gives the next layer of protection to those who are very picky about tools. Such a level of confidence simply means that the company does not compromise on the quality of the product.

The thing that we liked about this tool belt for electricians is its patented air channel. Such a design makes the belt quite breathable and this will surely increase the comfort level. Comfort is very necessary on the job site otherwise you will feel its impact on the results. Even the foam backing used in the belt is breathable which provides sweat-free performance.

It has so many pockets that increase the capacity of the pocket for storing different items. Each pocket is tested for durability to ensure that the belt lasts for longer. It has served many carpenters and electricians on the sites. The 1250 DuraTed nylon design of the belt not only provides sturdiness but it also keeps the belt weight minimum. The main purpose is to reduce the weight of the belt so that the work efficiency will not suffer.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Different compartments help to keep things in an organized way
  • Suitable for tackling professional job sites
  • Breathable design
  • Lacks suspenders

Final Verdict

Electricians looking for a tool belt with different compartments should definitely try this one. It has so many pockets that can help you with its increased capacity. On the other hand, it is also very lightweight yet durable which increases its lifespan along with maximum comfort. The whole belt is made quite breathable and airflow is not disturbed. This will provide a sweat-free experience.

Best Occidental Leather Tool Belts For Electricians

About Occidental

Occidental Leather is one of the top manufacturers of different kinds of tool belts. The company has some of the best knowledgeable people who manage everything. The tool belts they make are famous for their high-quality parts, smart design, durability, and beauty. Everything is custom made which represents the serious skill of craftsmanship.  Today we have the two special and best electrician belts from the occidental.

Occidental Leather 9855 Best Leather Tool Belt

The 9855 model from occidental leather is one tough tool belt that is widely used by mechanics, electricians, and even carpenters. It is made with the next level of durability which makes it suitable for long-term use. The design of the belt says much about the skill of its manufacturers. It is tough enough to survive different environmental challenges. This is all possible due to the belt’s high-quality leather.

The finest stitching of the belt makes it stand out from the crowd. They are so nicely done although no automatic machine is used in the manufacturing process. Still they are pretty neat and as close to the edges as possible. Perhaps occidental doesn’t want to rely on artificial machines because it trusts its crew. This is why their belts are in high demand in different parts of the world.

leather electrician tool belt

The 9855 model features 10-inch deep industrial nylon bags. They are quite sturdy and can hold even heavy things quite nicely. Now you don’t have to leave a tool or 2 due to low space as occidental leather 9855 will store them. The bags are placed in some amazing spots which are easy to access.

It will enhance the overall workflow of the job. There are even hooks if you want to support the belt with suspenders. Suspenders further improves the efficiency of the tool belt and gives it the ability to store even heavy tools such as electric staple guns.

Though it does not have a holster for a staple gun you can buy it and attach it to the belt. There is a hammer hook right in between the other pockets. You can simply slide your hammer in it and it will hold it decently.

  • Sturdy and last for a very long time
  • Amazing design
  • Suitable for DIYers
  • Some people are not heavy with fixed bags

Final Verdict

The occidental 9855 is one of the sturdiest tool belts available out there. It features a stunning design that helps it look very attractive. The belt possesses different compartments with the decent placing. You can store a variety of tools and parts using its bags and slots.

Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set

The Occidental Leather 5590 M is another best electricians tool belt. This one is having the same quality as the first one we reviewed. The pure leather design helps it being damp proof and waterproof. A waterproof design provides better protection for tools. It will help to store your tools safely even if you are working somewhere with a lot of humidity. Though normally electricians don’t deal with water that much but still it has its own advantage.

electrician tool belt with suspenders

The 5590 M has a slightly increased capacity which gives it an edge on the previous version. You can now take a bit more of your required tool with you. The belt will help you store them in an organized and safer way. There are hooks for hammers and wrenches of different kinds that can be used to hang these kinds of tools. However you can slide pliers, cutters, and other tools in those perfectly designed pockets.

Our recommended suspender for the Occidental 5590 M

The belt comes in all sizes which simply means that it is going to be suitable for all. No matter what size you are looking for they have got you covered. It is overall one of the best tool belts that electricians and mechanics can use. The pockets are also very well located and it provides an easy to access feature. You can now grab your required tool without doing much effort. Although it fits perfectly if you want to increase the efficiency of the belt consider buying a suspender for it

  • Increased capacity
  • stunning design
  • easy to access pockets
  • Possesses a no-spill tool mechanism
  • Still, people are not happy with the hammer loop

Final Verdict

The 5590 M model is for those who are looking for a tool belt with increased capacity. If you are a fan of occidental tool belts but you need more capacity because of your items then consider this one. Besides an increased capacity of the belt, it also features a stunning design and sturdy structure

Best OX Tool Electricians Tool Belt

About OX Tool

OX tool is a UK based brand that is known for its amazing tools. The company has some of the best engineers who work day and night bringing innovative solutions for different problems. With the help of its remarkable engineering and high-quality product the company has successfully established its profile in the market.

Their tools are used by so many professionals throughout the world. They are not only specialized in making tools of perfect quality but they also manufacture tool belts. Today we have reviewed one of the most amazing tool belts for electricians by the OX tool. You will experience true quality once you use it yourself.

OX Tool Four Piece Construction Rig, Leather Tool Belt & Pouches

The Four-piece construction rig is simply the best electricians tool belt because of so many useful features. It has a similar structure to that of occidental leather but different performance. Although there is no compromise on the quality of occidental leather, we found that the ox tool, tool belt performs a bit better.

Perhaps it is because of the belt’s rugged style. It can withstand water and other kinds of liquids and prevents it from seeping through the belt. This way the belt can keep your tools safe and sound no matter where you are.

No matter if you are a carpenter or a mechanic this tool belt will serve you well. It has so many compartments that are well placed which reflects the remarkable engineering of its manufacturer. It seems as if they build a solid plan before designing their products. Each pocket on the belt has the capacity of holding different items no matter how heavy they are.

electrician tool belt

It fits perfectly on waist sizes ranging from 29 inches to 37 inches. You can hold upto 22 different tools using the OX tool toolbelt. One thing we found quite interesting about this tool belt is that it offers more than a single hammer loop. It allows you to either place your hammer right in the middle VIA a dedicated hammer loop. Or you can slide in one of the places located on each side of the pockets.

  • Affordable and helpful
  • Stunning design
  • Rugged structure which helps it last for longer
  • Fits perfectly and does not slip
  • Some people are not happy with the slot placements such as pencil slots etc.

Final Verdict

If durability is your first priority because you are sick of buying tool belts every year then this is a perfect choice, The belt is made ultra-durable and it can withstand all kinds of challenges. You can use it for storing different items and it will serve you for years without any issue.

Best Suspenders for Tool Belts

About TradeGear

Well! TradeGear is not officially a manufacturing company but rather an e-commerce store. The store is big enough and during our research, we found out that it supplies a lot of useful stuff such as tool belts, etc. The store was established in 2015 which is not very old but it has gained an enormous amount of reputation. It is because the store brings products from some of the most reliable manufacturers.

TradeGear Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo

tool belt

During our research we noticed something, something that we think you should have while buying the best tool belt for yourself. Of course, it isn’t a tool belt but a pair of suspenders that you should have for your belt. It will help you hold your belt firmly while it is full of useful tools. Its main purpose is to enhance the workflow and support your tool belt. We all know how heavy it gets when it is full of those pliers, multimeters, and other useful tools.

You might be thinking ok! but why these suspenders? And we are totally prepared for such questions. There are a number of reasons which made us choose these suspenders. The first one is we looked at the style and it looks quite attractive. The pure black design of the suspenders will make you look elegant even if you are working on your project.

We know you don’t care about looks, especially if you are doing it for a living. But here is the main reasons that we want to share with you. These suspenders are made of high-quality nylon which adds to its durability. This nylon stitching increases the lifespan of suspenders helping them to last for years.

They are well padded which provides the next level of comfort even if you are wearing a heavy tool belt. Now just because they are padded doesn’t mean that they aren’t breathable. The manufacturer has done a remarkable job by making them perfectly breathable. They can be adjusted in just a matter of seconds which is perfect if you want to get your desired size.

  • Nylon structure
  • Amazing design
  • Quite breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The padding sometimes slip which is not liked by many people

Final Verdict

Having a tool belt without using suspenders may not be a good idea sometimes. It is because as long as you keep them lightweight they will work just fine. However, once you start adding more and more tools you will need something to support your belt. If you don’t it will just slip down and that is something totally unwanted. You should have this tool belt because of its durability and amazing design

Best Custom Leathercraft Tool Belt For Electricians

About Custom Leathercraft

For those of you who don’t know about Custom Leathercraft, it is a tool belts and bags manufacturing company. The company does not only provide belts and bags but it is also well known for its gloves and other things. For years they have been producing high-quality products that save thousands of people on job sites.

No matter if it is manufacturing bags for camping, or gloves for hunting or another tactical environment the company has always a solution. They have established a successful brand with the help of their remarkable skills and reliable products.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt

The CLC 1608 is another best electricians tool belt to be considered. The manufacturers of this tool belt have done a splendid job by making everything intact and sturdy. They have perfectly aligned all the pockets so that the weight is evenly distributed. It is well made from a reliable polyester fabric which adds to the durability of the belt.

tool belt with suspenders

The main purpose of this tool belt is to provide the next level of comfort and enhance the workflow on the job site. It is super simple and easy to wear. You can adjust it according to your size without any issue as it is fully adjustable. There are a total of 28 pockets on the belt which allows more tool storage. Each pocket can be closed with the help of a zip which prevents the spilling of the content inside it.

It is a perfect way to store your items and equipment carefully while you work on the project. You will also experience very easy to access tools which increase the workflow. The best thing about this tool belt is that you can even put a cordless drill in it. It is capable of storing drills without any issue.

  • Top quality fabric
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Perfect for all kinds of situations
  • People with small size may struggle a bit as the belt will be very loose.

Final Verdict

Being a sturdy tool belt this is a perfect choice for many electricians and mechanics out there. It has many compartments that will help you keep your tools in a better and much-organized way. It is also very lightweight and comfortable to wear on bigger projects.

Buyer’s Guide on Top Electrician Belts

Before you invest your hard-earned money in a tool belt we want to inform you about some of the most important points. These points will help you in selecting the right product that will fulfill all of your needs and last for longer. However, if you just buy a tool belt by randomly picking one then there is a risk of getting the wrong product. It may last longer and may not be able to give the best of its performance and as a result, you will waste your money. It is highly recommended to consider these points to ensure a perfect tool belt for yourself.

Strength and durability

Before buying a tool belt think for a while and ask yourself why do you need one. Of course, you want to carry your most important tools for easy access right? But the most important thing is the durability of the belt. We all know that professional tools can be very heavy if stored together. If you don’t believe me then you should give it a try yourself.

Heavy tools can damage the belt easily. However, if you have invested in a belt that is made of pure leather or nylon then you should not worry at all. It is because belts with such structures are found to be the toughest. They can withstand all kinds of situations without any issue.


You are going to wear the tool belt that you are buying for hours. If it is not comfortable enough it will simply divert you from your project and as a result this will disturb the whole workflow. However, if you go for something that is well padded and comfortable then consider half of your project complete as the belt will enhance the overall efficiency.

Sufficient Storage

Yes, you might be thinking why are they considering this point but trust me most people underestimate it. They just simply forget that they will need to carry different tools with them. However, you should not be among those people. Whenever you are going to buy a tool belt always look for the capacity it offers. Ask yourself whether it will do the job or not. If there are many pockets and hooks then you should definitely go for it otherwise there is a big no.

FAQ About Electrician Tool Belt

What are the features of this tool belt?

Is should be made with 600D nylon material Double layers reinforced with metal rivets and bar-tack stitching 27 pockets Carry handles Padded cushioned belt & made this tool belt specifically for electricians.

What are the benefits of using Occidental Leather?

Occidental Leather Commercial Electricians Set Superior-quality leather Adjustable bags (lefties rejoice!) Pockets mold to your tools Accessories available Suspension system available Hand-crafted quality Made in the U.S.

What are the benefits of using this belt?

This top-notch leather belt will hold up to daily wear and last far longer than cheaper ones on the market.

What tools should I have in my tool belt?

Being an electrician you will have to carry a lot of items with you. It totally depends on the nature of your job. However, a typical electrician will carry some pliers, electric tape, screwdrivers, drill, blade or a cutter, screws, hammer, and of course a ruler and pencil. Your tool belt should also have enough space for holding your phone too.
Standard electrician tool belts fasten around your waist and typically come with a range of small pockets that are ideal for carrying screwdrivers, pliers, and any other tools you may need to get the job done.

Are tool belts bad for your back?

No, as Tool Belts are designed to be worn around the waist. However, due to their heavy look because it contains a lot of tools most people think that it will affect your back. Though it is not the case tool belts are usually designed with equally distributed weight.
This results in maintaining the equilibrium and as a result your back has to deal with less amount of force. However, if you are still not satisfied then you should attach some suspenders.

What are the benefits of this tool belt?

The electrician trade can be abusive on tool belts, but this quality leather bestows the strength and durability needed to last many many years. Belt with durable leather at endpoints Lighter weight tough Cordura material 19 pockets and 13 slots Comfort belt with foam padding D-rings to attach suspenders

What are the features of a Leather Tool Bag?

Top-of-the-line leather pouches Well-cushioned belt 31 pocket and tool holders Leather “No-Spill” system forms to your tools Made in the USA

What is the best carpenters tool belt?

There are so many useful products out there which makes it extremely difficult to call one product the Best Electrician Tool Belt. Nothing in this world works perfectly however, there are some products that perform better than others. In order to help you in selecting the best tool belt for carpenters, you should take a look at our article and select the one.


If you are confused about selecting the Best Electrician Tool Belt from so many available options then you should definitely read our list. We have listed some of the top-notch tool belts from different manufacturers which are great when it comes to performance. In order to save you time and help you skim the post for perfect information take a look at the list below:

  • DEWALT DG5641 Framer’s Combo Apron with Suspenders, 20 Pocket
  • Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support one of the best Electrician Tool Belt
  • Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Cafe
  • Occidental Leather 5590 M Commercial Electrician’s Set
  • OX Tool Four Piece Construction Rig, Leather Tool Belt & Pouches
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt

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