Top 9 Best Speed Square | Ultimate Guide

If you are into woodworking or any other projects then you will need accurate measurements. Without precise measurements, there is a higher risk involved because even a slight bit of measurement mistakes can lead to a disaster. These correct measure can be made with the help of the best speed square. Though there are so many miter square available in the market. Still, a lot of people are confused about what to buy. It is due to the fact that reliable speed squares are very hard to get.

However, if you find yourself among those people then you should not worry at all. It is because you have come to the right place. We did some research on the speed squares for carpentry work. During our research, we found some of the best quality speed squares that are next level. We have compiled a list in order to help our readers. The list will narrow down your search space and ensure that you get the best product for yourself, that too without wasting too much time. There is also a small buyer’s guide at the end which is worth reading.

So without any further ado, let’s get started

Here is our list of the 9 speed squares

Image Product Details   Price
backpac DelVe Square 2019 Brand: Woodpeckers
Note: Includes 1/4″ X 3/8″ Aluminum & 1 IBS
Check Price
backpac CH Hanson 03060 Brand: Palmgren
Note: Easy to pivots, 3 vials to determine roof pitches
Check Price
cordlessblower Swanson S0107 Brand: Swanson
Note: Heavy gauge aluminum alloy with 1/4 in. and 1/2 in.
Check Price
cordlessblower Stanley 46-053 Brand: Stanley
Note: length of 10-3/4″ X 6-3/4″ Heavy-duty aluminum
Check Price
cordlessblower Empire 3990 Brand: Empire
Note: 12-Inch Heavy-Duty Magnum Rafter Square.
Check Price
cordlessblower IRWIN Tools Rafter Square Brand: IRWIN
Note:  1/8-, 1/10-, 1/12-, and 1/16-inch scales, body is rust-proof and weather-resistant
Check Price
cordlessblower Swanson SW1201K Brand: Swanson Tool Co.
Note:  High-visibility, black gradations with a non-glare, matte finish
Check Price
cordlessblower VINCA ARLS-07 Brand: VINCA
Note:  1/8-, 1/10-, 1/12-, and 1/16-“; Accuracy: 7” x 0.001
Check Price
cordlessblower DEWALT DWHT46031 Brand: DEWALT
Note:  Aluminum 7-inch Premium Rafter Square
Check Price

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools Precision Triangle Set

Woodpecker is a well-known brand for different tools. The company is based in Canada and it was established in 1988. The company is purely dedicated to woodworking tools and since 1993 they have introduced so many useful tools. Their tools are so famous around the US and UK regions. At first, you might be thinking why should I spend so much on just a triangular ruler. But as soon as you put it in your hands you will find out how much it is worth it. Unlike other quality speed squares, this one is pretty much different from its kind.

best speed square

The Woodpeckers is an amazing tool that proves to be one of the best types of squares. No matter how much measurements are involved in your projects the square will always make your day. Every time you pick the square in your hand you will feel a quality of the next level. It comes in a pretty decent carry box which protects the square from environmental damages.

You can simply put the tool in its box when not in use. There is a simple and amazing rotate mechanism lock that helps the tool to stay inside the carrying box and prevents dropping. It is made of cast aluminum which adds to its durability. Unlike other plastic speed squares, this one is pretty durable and it can be used for years. It is also very lightweight which won’t be a hurdle when using with a miter saw or anything else. 

When it comes to the finishing of the tool, it is made with the next level of enthusiasm. The woodpecker speed square is anodized which increases its durability. The tool basically comes with two different scales i.e. 1/4 inch and 1/16-inch scale. It allows its user to use any of it as per the requirements of the job site.

  • Durable structure

  • Anodized for increased durability

  • Lightweight and extremely portable

  • Surprisingly correct

  • A bit costly

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

CH Hanson was established in 1866 right after the end of the civil war. The owner Christan Hanson was also a war veteran. Initially, the company was limited to manufacturing stencils only. Today they are well known for different tools in the markets. Perhaps it is not only the quality of their tools but there is also something else that people need to know and learn. The company owner, Phill Hanson is such a humble person who follows the footsteps of his father.

best speed square for woodworking

He gossips with his workers every day. He has even arranged free water bottles for the truck drivers who visit the company every day. I think this is something that is holding the company even after so many hardships and challenges in their way. Anyways back to the speed squares, The CH Hanson 03060 pivot square, by all means, is one of the prime speed squares. It is durable, reliable, and extremely easy to use.

The tool itself features multiple scales, each one with its own benefits. It serves people of different categories. No matter if you are a carpenter, who works day and night completing different woodworking projects. Or a professional contractor who loves to get his job done in a perfect way you will get the most out of this speed square. It has 3 vials at different places which comes in handy when you want to level up things accurately.

Vials are pretty necessary for those who are into plumbing cuts because it helps in maintaining a better flow of water. It is capable of measuring angle of 90º, pitch, or rise in a much precise way. It also comes with a built-in lock feature which allows you to take measurements correctly without losing a track of them.

  • Comes with different scales

  • Features a built-in lock system

  • 3 vials to determine roof pitches

  • Include vials for sanitary works

  • You need to be very careful while marking angles as a little pressure from the pencil may lead to inaccurate measurements

Swanson Tool S0107 12-Inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book

Swanson speed squares has its own amazing history when Albert Swanson manufactured a speed square for himself. It was designed for the purpose to help him in his job as he was a professional carpenter. The tool was admired by a lot of people and soon its demand grew so much that he has to make produce them in bulk. After the success of his speed squares, Swansons started manufacturing different tools such as carpenters squares, folding squares, levels, and highly modified versions of the original speed squares.

best metric speed square

The Swanson tool S0107 is one of their most remarkable creations. The tool possesses so many features that make it suitable for a wide range of people. Starting with the built quality of the tool, it is made with an extraordinary level of durability. The durable structure of the tool helps it stand by its user in every situation. There is a decent Swanson logo right on the front of it which can also be used as a guide when assembling the tool.

The speed square comes with different attachments that prove to be quite helpful in correcting the measurements. You can easily use it to find out about square structures and improve it with protractor square. It will drastically increase your job efficiency. The square has got a built-in 45 degrees scale along with a built-in 90 degrees.

It also allows you to scribe with it for ripping two by fours into two by twos. You can use the tool as a guide which will improve the accuracy of your cuts. It can be perfectly used with a circular saw as a saw guide to achieving the next level of perfection. Moreover, the tool also comes with a decent blue book that contains a lot of different formulas, tables, and diagrams. It proves to be perfect for those who are just stepping into the business.

  • Aluminum alloy structure

  • Durable and reliable

  • Can be used as a saw guide

  • Possesses different measurement options

  • The company should have added vials for level measurements

Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool

Stanley was started as a small shop for manufacturing bolts, hinges, and other hardware from wrought iron in 1843. The owner of the Stanely “Frederick Stanley” was consistent and a hard worker by nature. With his constant hard work and innovative solutions he was able to establish a well-known brand quickly.

best square 1 speed cube

Today Stanely is known throughout the world for its remarkable tools. People from different categories, whether they are carpenters, mechanics, or craftsmen use their products. The Stanley 46-053 is one of their remarkable products. It is a fully adjustable speed square that will make your work extremely easy and enhance the overall workflow of the job. With this speed square, you will be able to take precise measurements and complete projects with a next-level accuracy.

It is made of heavy-duty aluminum which makes it suitable for long term use. The aluminum design of the speed square also prevents it from corrosion and other kinds of damages. Another advantage of aluminum is that it makes the tool very lightweight. It is so easy to use on the job site and will never be a hurdle when using other tools. You can use it to guide your circular saws and achieve those amazing and accurate cut lines.

It also proves to be quite useful with miter saws. The manufacturer has used a highly contrasting theme including a black color with yellow graduation. It helps in better visibility and improves the performance of the measurements. It features different scales such as a common, Jack, hip, and valley scale. Each one of these can be used for different situations.

  • Extremely easy to read with the black body with yellow marking.

  • Very accurate in measurements

  • Best value product for the price

  • Doesn’t come with a manual

Empire 3990 12-Inch Heavy-Duty Magnum Rafter Square

best carpenter speed square

The Empire brand is one of the most trusted one among different people who are related to construction. The brand officially started working in 1919 and with the help of its quality products it made its name in the market. Their main focus is on innovative solutions to the daily evolving problems in the job sites. The Empire 3990 is one of the latest and state of the art speed square. It is capable of doing a lot of things that are the prime requirements of any construction project. It has got a thick frame that keeps it protected from bending and breaking. The tool is made of premium quality material which adds to its durability and helps it lasts for longer.

The aluminum design of the tool allows it to be extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It will never be a hurdle on the job site when using different tools such as circular saws. The numbers on the tool are laser itched which means they won’t rub off even after several times used. This is a great thing and it helps the tool to be usable for a longer duration.

One of the best features that we liked about the tool is its stamped conversion tables. It helps in making accurate measurements and saves overall time. Another cool thing is that the tool comes with a lifetime warranty. It gives a reliable and a bit promising experience. For those of you who are into woodworking and constructions, this tool is a must to have in your tool kit. Otherwise, you will struggle with your measurements and getting the desired results.

  • Very well made

  • Extremely easy to read

  • Durable and reliable

  • Perfect for a long term use

  • As such no con spotted

IRWIN Tools Rafter Square, Hi-Contrast Aluminum, Blue, 7-Inch (1794463)

IRWIN combination square is another top-notched brand to be considered for different tools. It is an American tool manufacturing brand which is specialized in making different hand tools. They are not only limited to hand tools but the company also has a good reputation in manufacturing different power tools. They are trusted by different skillful carpenters, mesons, contractors, and mechanics. Perhaps one of the main reasons behind their popularity is that they make products of all kinds. They try their best to bring innovative solutions for people of different categories.

best speed square to buy

If you are looking for a reliable and useful speed square then the IRWIN combination square or rafter square is also one of the 7-inch speed square. It is well made which prolongs its lifespan. The tool is so reliable and useful that it will serve you for years. The durable structure of the tool allows it to withstand all kinds of worksites and environmental challenges. It can sustain even the harshest of the environments such as rain. One of the best qualities of tools based on aluminum is that they are very lightweight. Besides IRWIN also includes rafter tables, brace with octagon scales, and an Essex board right on the face of the tool.

Aluminum design also helps them to be rust-proof and helps it fight against corrosive environments too.  It contains different scales that allow the tool to be versatile. Different scales helps it to be quite useful for marking different measurements. You can carry it with yourself anywhere you want to go. It is because of the compactness of the tool. It is suitable for contractors, mechanics, and professional carpenters. Overall the tool is quite easy to read due to its contrasting color.

  • Surprisingly accurate combination square

  • Extremely easy to read

  • Very Sturdy and durable structure

  • The manufacturer should have included a manual


Now we have already reviewed the Swanson Speed square in this article but this one is a bit different. It’s not that the previous one is not up to the mark but this one is a bit more improved. When you invest in the Sawson 7 in speed square you will get a very decent tool for such a fair price. This tool proves to be one of the most durable speed squares. 

the best speed square

It is made of premium quality aluminum which makes it quite durable. At the same time, the tool is also lightweight which increases its portability to the next level. It has a decent silver color which gives it an amazing look as well as clear to read. The digits are printed with the next level of enthusiasm which makes it very easy to take measurements.

The tool has different scales printed on it, each one with its own benefits. You can use it to mark common, hip, valley, and jack rafters. One of the best things we found on this speed square is its digits printing design. Instead of laser itching design, the company has done a great job by using die-cast aluminum. It helps in taking measurements with much more increased accuracy as compared to laser itched stamped rafter squares.

It is extremely convenient when it comes to marking angles and making perfect square cuts on different objects. You can also use this 7-inch speed square as a saw guide when cutting objects with a circular saw. It can also be quite in handy when it comes to squaring a miter saw. Overall it is a perfect choice for those who are into woodworking and carpentry. People in construction can also make good use of this speed square.

  • The tool is quite durable

  • It has clearly printed digits which are readable in all lighting situations

  • Lightweight and very easy to store and carry

  • This one does not come with a layout bar

VINCA ARLS-07 Aluminum Rafter Carpenter Triangle Square 7 inch Measuring Layout Tool

If you are fond of stylish tools and measuring instruments then Vinca is a perfect choice for you. The brand is working for years providing different tools for those who are into carpentry and construction. They are offering many tools such as measuring tapes, speed square sets, levels, and other things. Because of the amazing design ad durable structure of their tools, they are famous in many parts of the US and other countries.

what is the best speed square

If you haven’t heard about the Vinca ARLS-07 Aluminum Rafter square before then you have missed a lot. It is because the ARLS-07 model is one of the 7-inch speed squares you will ever get. There are so many features that make it a perfect candidate for the list of speed squares. First of all, let’s talk about the durability of the tool. It is made of high-quality aluminum which makes it perfect for all kinds of situations. No matter if you are working on a small project or bigger and professional jobs, it will serve you well. It is because the aluminum design helps the tool to be completely lightweight and portable.

It is also rust and corrosion free which makes it suitable for long term use. These features also make the speed square an all-weather tool and you can even use it in rain. Of course, very few people will work in rain but still, the speed square proves to be strong enough to withstand the harshest of environments. ARLS-07 Aluminum Rafter square has more than one scale printed on it. Multiple scales of the tool make it quite versatile and help it to be used for a number of projects. No matter if you are squaring a miter saw or making a door frame you can trust the measurements of this speed square.

ARLS-07 Aluminum Rafter square is something that will stand by your side during the whole project and help you with different things. The tool features a wider base which helps in an increased handling and stable grip. You can use it with gloves and bare hands and in each situation, you will get a satisfying result. Overall it is one of the perfect choices you will even make.

  • Reliable and long-lasting & scribing notches

  • Possesses a wider based for a perfect grip

  • Very comfortable to use when you work on parallel lines.

  • Rust free design

  • Nothing negative found on this speed square

DEWALT DWHT46031 Aluminum 7-inch Premium Rafter Square

Finally, last but not least we have the DeWalt speed square for you. For those of you who are reading our article for the first time, we have reviewed many of the DeWalt products on our site. If you are looking for the best circular saws, miter saws, or drills you can read each review on our blog. However, the DeWalt DWHT46031 is one of the most efficient speed squares that we found during our research. First of all, let us tell you about the design of the tool a bit. It is made of high-quality aluminum which adds to its durability.

adjustable speed square

Overall the tool is made very lightweight for an increased level of handling. You can use it for small as well as bigger projects without any issue. In each situation, you will get the best of its performance. The tool weighs only 8 ounces. There are many scales on the DeWalt speed square each one can be used in the respective situation. Though it lacks metric measurements but still it is one of the most reliable speed squares.

If it also has painted and stamped graduations on it which allows better readability in different lightings. Though some people are not happy with the painted graduations, to be honest, we didn’t see any of its side effects. It can serve as an accurate saw guide for your circular saws. You can use it not to mark only accurate measurements for your projects but also as a live guide for cutting different things if you just want to guide your saw.

It also comes in handy when correcting the blade of your miter saw. Just keep it on the table and check if your saw is perfectly in angle or not. If it is out of angle then you can accurately adjust it according to the situation.

  • Perfect for a variety of projects

  • Reliable and efficient measurement

  • Easy to ready

  • Some people are not happy with the painted graduations

Best Speed Squares – Buyer’s Guide

Before buying anything there are always some important points that need to be considered. In order to select the speed square for your projects, you need to have these points in your mind. It will ensure that you invest in the best tool which is not only efficient but also saves time, money, and efforts.


Always make sure that you select the durable tool for yourself. Selecting a durable product will save your time, money, and efforts. There are different speed squares that are made of plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum. We highly recommend speed squares made of aluminum because these tools are usually rust-free. On the other hand, aluminum tools are also very lightweight.

Compact and portable

Now you might be thinking why is he talking about the compactness and portability of the speed square. Yes, it isn’t rocket science at all but still, there are people who just invest in a tool without having their requirements in mind. For example if you are a carpenter who moves from places to place then there might be a problem for you.

Selecting portable tools will help you take them anywhere with you. They are also very easy to store and will not hold up much space inside your toolbox.

Easy to Read Graduations

A speed square is all about its graduation scales printed on it. If it is something you can not read clearly in every weather and light situation then it is completely useless. Always make sure that these markings are readable not only in one light condition but in all lightings. You can not arrange different conditions just to take measurements.

Level (Optional)

If possible check for a speed square having levels in 3 different axes. They will not only provide you support in making perfect angle measurements but also proves to be quite helpful in leveling. With the help of these tools, you can simply manage a better flow of fluids and make your constructions even more efficient.

More instrument for recommendations

Image Name Brand Dimensions Price
Top 9 Best Speed Square | Ultimate Guide Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 Johnson Level tool 0.88 x 10.25 x 8 inches Check Price
Top 9 Best Speed Square | Ultimate Guide Crescent EX6 2-in-1 Extendable Layout – LSSP6 Crescent  1 x 1 x 1 inches Check Price
Top 9 Best Speed Square | Ultimate Guide WORKPRO Rafter Square WORKPRO 13.98 x 5.71 x 1.97 inches Check Price
Top 9 Best Speed Square | Ultimate Guide Swanson S0101 7 Inch Speed Swanson 1 x 8 x 8 inches Check Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that might help you in learning more about the tool. If you have any kind of questions or queries in your mind there is a higher chance that this FAQ will clear it for you. We highly recommend reading all the questions to get a better grasp of the knowledge and select the right speed square for your projects.

What Is the Best Speed Square?

There are many speed squares available online with thousands of them on amazon alone. However, during our research, we found some of the speed squares that proves values for Length Board creating & straight lines ripping off the board, those really helpful. We have compiled them in a list form to help you by narrowing down your search space. Make sure you read our full reviews on each one of the top speed square above.

Is a Rafter Square the Same as a Speed Square?

Rafter square, speed square, triangular square, and rafter angle square, these are all the same thing with different names. There is nothing different between a rafter square and a speed square. So next time when you go out buying one, for your projects do not get confused by the fabricated names different manufacturers are using.

Why Is a Speed Square a Triangle?

This is a good question and a little bit technical to be answered. Since these tools are used for the measurement right angles they are made in triangular shapes. However, when flipped, these squares can form a perfect square shape having solid 90-degree angle on each corner

Are Speed Squares Accurate?

It is a bit difficult to say that all speed squares an inaccurate. It is because some of the cheap tools such as plastic speed square usually have an error of a few seconds or minutes. However, the speed squares that we recommended in our reviews are the most accurate speed squares so far.

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We thought speed squares are useful tools for carpenters, masons, mechanics, and professional contractors. However, there are many people who are struggling to invest in the right product. In order to save you from such problems, we performed in-depth research for you. During our research, we found some of the top-notch speed squares which we have mentioned above. We highly recommend reading each one of the above-mentioned reviews to select the perfect speed square that matches your needs.

If you are a complete beginner and this is your first time buying a speed square for yourself then there is a buyer’s guide for you. We encourage you to read all the information before ordering your first speed square. Hopefully, you will like the article we’ve written for you, if you want to suggest some other speed squares please feel free to let us know. In the end, we would like to wish you the best of luck with your projects.

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