How to Cut Ceramic Tile without a Wet Saw? [2021] Ultimate best Guide

There are some projects that need special tools. Things can get really hard if you don’t own the required tools for the projects. You may be able to do things but there is a higher risk of spoiling your entire project. It happened to me when I was working on my kitchen project on how to cut ceramic tile without a wet saw?

I wanted to cut ceramic tiles but the problem was that I didn’t have the right tool. Normally people use the wet saw for cutting ceramic tiles. I tried a few solutions, broke a few tiles but finally, I got success. Today we will learn how to cut ceramic tiles without a wet saw.

This article will explain it in a step by step manner to ensure safety and job success. Here is my way of cutting ceramic tiles without a wet saw. It will also guide you about what is a wet saw? why do you need one? how much one cost and much more.

Ceramic Tile

What is a wet saw?

Wet Saws are specialized kinds of saws that are used for delicate cuttings. Unlike normal saws, they do not possess any teeth for cutting. They are mostly preferred for cutting tiles to prevent any damage to the tiles.

Why use a wet saw?

As mentioned earlier wet saws possess pumps that spray water onto the tiles. Due to the specific heat capacity of water, it absorbs heat and prevents cracking the tile. It also lubricates the subject which becomes easier to cut. Another great advantage of using a wet saw is that it is dust-free.

As it sprays water before cutting there will be a minimum amount of dust. It is good for the environment and lungs because if you are having an allergy it can be a serious problem.

How much does a wet saw cost?

Wet saws are not used frequently unless you are a professional. However, if the cost is concerned their rates vary. They range from less than $100 to several hundred. It all depends on the saw’s specifications and the nature of your job. For small projects, you should buy a cheaper one because you will not find yourself using them too much.

how to cut ceramic tile without a wet saw: What should I do if I don’t have a wet saw?

There are two options, the first one is to rent a wet saw until your project completes. It will help you finish your project with quite an efficiency. However, if renting is not possible then you should cut the tiles manually.

There are a number of ways to successfully cut tiles into small pieces without a wet saw. Below we’ll discuss how to cut ceramic tile without a wet saw- Proper Steps!

Method 1 Using Manual tile cutter

Manual tile cutters are simple, lightweight, and easy to use mechanical tools. They are able to cut almost any kind of tiles with quite an efficiency. All you have to do is to put a tile that you want to cut in the tool. Lock it carefully to prevent slipping during the process. Once you are ready to cut it slide the cutter on the tile and it will cut it into desired pieces.

They will help you cut ceramic tiles without any issues because ceramic tiles are usually soft. However, if you intend to cut porcelain or glass times then you will need a robust tool.

Method 2 Using Normal Circular Saw

Circular saws are great cutting tools. You can use them to cut through ceramic tiles without any issues. In order to cut ceramic tiles using a circular saw, you should put a little amount of water on the tile. This will ensure no dust fly away during the cutting process. It will also distribute heat which prevents cracking the tile.

This method is a bit more efficient than the first one. It is because the use of circular saws will ensure cleaner cuts. You will not get rough edges just like a manual tile cutter. You can also use it for cutting thick tiles. Circular saws are also great for cutting porcelain or glass tiles. These kinds of tiles are usually thick and you may have a hard time cutting them using the manual tile cutter.

What if I Don’t Have Access to Manual Cutting Tool or a Circular Saw?

If you don’t have access to a manual cutter or a circular saw you should still not give up. There are more ways to cut tiles without using wet tools. You can use a glass cutter for cutting ceramic tiles. It will be a bit difficult because the results will not be that accurate. Though with a little bit of care and right precautions you can cut tiles with a certain level of accuracy.

In order to cut a tile with a normal glass cutter, first of all, you should place a clear mark on the tile. It should be done with the help of a pencil or a market. Right when you have placed a mark on the tile place a ruler on the tile. Using the ruler slides the glass cutter as carefully as possible and cut the tile. Thin tile would cut right after dragging the tool on it while thicker tiles might need a bit of effort. You will have to strike it on a rubber mallet carefully and it should cut properly.

Can I use a Reciprocating Saw for the Job?

Reciprocating saws are quite robust and powerful. They should be used more for demolition jobs. You should never use a reciprocating saw for cutting tiles. It is because there is a higher risk of cracking or even breaking your tile. If you still want to use a reciprocating saw then you should use a thin blade. Also, place the tile on the edge of your workbench and hold it with your hands. It is still not recommended because there is a higher amount of risk involved in cutting tiles with a reciprocating saw.


You can use different tools for cutting ceramic tiles. Hopefully, you’ve got the process of our questin How to Cut Ceramic Tile without a Wet Saw? Even if you do not have any wet saw you can still complete the job with quite an efficiency. However, it will need a bit more effort and care to do the job. The best thing to do is to rent a wet saw if possible because it will minimize the risk of unwanted accidents.

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