How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring? Ultimate Guide 2020

A staple gun is a machine that is easy to carry and helps in driving the metal staples into materials of common use like wood, metal, and plastic whichever you want to put into daily use. With this article, we’ll discuss How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring in detail.

They can also be put into use in various types of daily works like material insulation, roofing, house wrap, carpeting, and different crafting of materials whether for hobby or work. Staple guns used specifically for the above-mentioned purposes are called Trigger tracker.

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How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring (Basic types of Staple Guns):

There are three general types of staple guns. The division is based on the basic source of power to operate them. As per the basic power source, they are divided into three types:


As the name implies, mechanical staple guns work manually and their working depends on the individual’s muscle strength. This comes as a benefit too as due to no need for any power source you can take it anywhere you want. 

Staple guns are available in all sorts of assortments and sizes. But the mechanical staple guns makes it easiest to use, easy carry, and lest burden in the pocket as per the purchase. They are also called Manual staple guns. Manual staple guns are specifically designed for simple works in the house as they work efficiently in simple workings and repairing. They work on an efficient level on the places where the ground is compacted and light to work on.     

They are also cheapest as compared to electric and Pneumatic. For the larger scope of works like complete home redesign, it’s not recommended as it is manual and will require constant manual work to shoot each nail which will result as a tiring work for hands after some time. So it is recommended to use for lighter and minimal home repairs etc.


As the name implies, electric staple guns make it into use the electricity via a chord or battery for its working. Due to its electric facility, it helps in getting the work done on a quicker level and they can be used continuously for hours due to the availability of electricity resulting in little to no tiredness while getting the work done.

How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring

Due to the electrical facility, it can be used for bigger levels of home repairs or a complete redesign of things. The large size of the electrical cord makes it easy to use at an extended level of the area from the switch, and the provision of the flush nose makes the staple tight and to the exact position.

Likewise, most electric staples are equipped with an option of Hi/Lo power option, which makes it easy to use as per the hard and soft surfaces which makes it feasible and workable. 

Due to its electrical availability, it makes the wok easy and saves a lot of time off work. The availability of various types of nails like 1/2-in, 9/16-in, and 5/8-in ensures that you get the work done perfectly in the way you want. 


A pneumatic staple gun takes into account the use of compressed air to perfectly fix the staples in the required place without putting an extra effort like the way it is put in the mechanical staples. 

It is usually preferred in the construction industry in the hardwood and engineered floors. The presence of a trigger and cartridge for staples makes it easy to use and improves its accuracy and efficiency in the stapling process. As a result of the accuracy, the undesired damaging effects are minimized.

Due to its state of the art facility of using compressed air, it has made its mark in the industry of being the fastest task accomplisher even than the electric one. The usage of compressed air also makes it less on the costs and occasional maintenance.

As insulation, roofing felt and hard flooring requires a degree of accuracy in the nailing process. Here Pneumatic staple guns come to the rescue as the chances of easy dislodging nails are not possible with the Pneumatic ones.

Note: Just be careful that while using these types of equipment, always wear safety glasses and ears protection while working on them as they can easily cause damage.

Methods of How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring

Every kind of machinery is prone to jamming and malfunction at least once in its whole life time service. It isn’t surprising to see a staple gun jam no matter how expensive it is. There are a number of factors behind a jammed staple gun. Sometimes the spring of the gun may get rusted due to which it loses its ability.

Even if a staple is stuck inside the gun you may also face jamming issues. However, rest assured as you aren’t alone here. We have written this step by step guide to cover your back and help you in getting rid of a jammed staple gun. We will explain how to fix a staple gun that is jammed.

How to fix a Staple Gun Spring?

If we properly study the working of a staple gun, there come three reasons for jamming of staple guns which are as follows:

Staple Jam:

Usually, due to some negligence, the staples we use while using a staple gun are not of the exact size which makes it difficult for proper working. We need to know that a change in even a fraction of millimeter in the staple feed can cause disturbances in the working of the staples and results in staple jam.   

To fix this issue, remove the current staples and move the spring to and fro to ensure that the staples can either freely come out of the gun or not. If it’s not freely moving, the dominant chance is that the staple is lodged inside preventing in the spring motion.     

Hold the stapler opposite the source of light and see if the light can be seen in the place where we put the staple. If you’re unable to see the light, the reason is that the staple is jammed inside. Use a flat-head screwdriver of a knife to remove it. If the staple is invisible then snap the head back down on the staple gun (without replacing the staple bar) and slam the head of the stapler 10 times against the heel of your shoe or another rubber surface. This will remove the staple.   

Clogged hammer:

Sometimes the hammer does not hit the exact place of the individual staple due to a condition called a clogged hammer.

To fix it, after ensuring the size of the staples checks the head of the hammer by pressing it down on the surface. If there’s no issue in the hammer then it should freely move downwards due to gravity. If it doesn’t do so, it is proof that there is some impediment on the way. See the obstruction and remove it via a flat head screwdriver. Also, apply any lubricant like grease or vinegar to ensure the smooth flow.    

Worn out spring:

Sometimes the staple gun doesn’t work efficiently due to a worn-out spring. This usually appends due to the loss of the tension in the spring to feed the stales. To get over this issue first check it, open the stapler, move it back, and let it be free. This way it should move towards the bar of staples. If the movement of the spring is slow or not up to the requirement, change the spring with a new one.   

Different loading mechanisms of a Staple Gun?

  • Rear loading mechanism for a manual Staple Gun:
  1. First, find the pusher road on the staple gun. It is at the back of the gun of the shape of a small metal rectangle and a little hook on it.
  2. Hold the pusher rod and pull it in so that the rod comes out by itself. After the rod comes out, put the rod aside. Use the exact opposite direction if this doesn’t work.
  3. Fill the chamber with staples and slide them to the front so that they may not get stuck afterward. This can be done by loading the legs of staples downwards over the guide rails.
  4. Again insert the usher rod so that everything gets locked in place.
  5. The manual stale gun has been loaded. Now you can test it on anything keeping in mind the safety measures mentioned at the start.
  • The bottom-loading mechanism for an Electric Stapler:
  1. There’s always a magazine release button at the back or rear of the electric Stapler which shoots the clips holding staples in their place. 
  2. Pull the ray out by pressing firmly the release button so that the tray gets pulled out.
  3. Find the ‘Load brad nails’ on the electric staple. After finding, lay the nail exactly in the method as shown in the staple. The side win which it is done should be against the arrow towards which the compartment is present.
  4. Put the magazine back in the chamber. A little snap will be heard.
  5. Plugin the switch for electricity and the electric staple gun is ready to use.
  • The mechanism for Pneumatic Stapler:
  1. Detach the stapler after turning off the compressor on the Pneumatic Stapler. If it’s having difficulty using the wrench to loosen it.
  2. By squeezing the lever at the front, put away the rod and remove the magazine.
  3. Position staples in such a way that after positioning you can visibly see the legs on one of the sides of the rail.
  4. Finally, release the lever by squeezing it and unlock the follower.  
  5. It’s ready to use. Now test it on a piece of wood by using goggles and ear protectors.

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