How to Load a Staple Gun? [2021] Ultimate Best Guide

How to Load a Staple Gun

Staple Guns are one of the most important tools. They make our work easier and are super helpful in different projects. They can be used for bookbinding, making new things, or even fixing parts of furniture. With this article, you can know detail about How to Load a Staple Gun?

How does a staple gun work? It is an interesting question. This article will guide you about different kinds of stapler guns and their working to get your Answer on the question on How to Load a Staple Gun? It will surely increase your knowledge because we have explained each of them. We have tried our best to explain each staple gun type and its working in the easiest possible words.

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The following are three main types of Staple Guns

  • Manual Staple Guns
  • Electric Staple Guns
  • Pneumatic Staple Guns

Manual Staple Guns

These kinds of staplers are common. They are used almost everywhere from office works to DIY projects. They are pretty cheap and affordable and quite sturdy. Manual Staple guns were the first staple guns created. These staple guns are powerful enough to be used in woods and other materials. However, they can not be used for heavy-duty professional work.

How to Load a Staple Gun- with Manual Staple Guns

The working mechanism of manual staple guns is simple. It does not require any electricity for its operation. It simply works on mechanical energy which can be supplied to it through hands.

In order to make them work, you will have to apply effort to its arm. The arm will take your kinetic energy and store it in spring inside the staple gun. The spring will then release this energy and use it to push the staple into a subject in its way.

In order to make them work, you will have to wrap your fingers around the stock. Hold it firmly so that you can apply all of your force to it without any issue. This can be done by pushing the trigger with the help of your palm.

The biggest disadvantage of mechanical staple guns is that not everyone can use them. It is because bigger mechanical staple guns require force for its operation. Due to which kids and old people might not be able to use it. However, they are the best solutions for DIY projects and some office works. It is because they do not require any electricity for their operation.

Electric Staple Gun

An electric staple gun is the result of remarkable engineering. It utilizes electricity and magnetism to perform its work. They are used by contractors and professionals to handle heavy-duty tasks. Since they are so powerful their use is not limited to fixing broken furniture as they can do much more than that. Electric Staple Guns are far easier to use than mechanical staple guns. It does not require strength for its operation however, still, it should be handled with care.

How to Load a Staple Gun with Electrical Staple Gun

Electrical Staple Guns are of two types cordless and corded. Cordless staple guns have batteries that help in operating it. While corded staple guns use electricity directly from a power outlet. When you want to use an electric staple gun, as soon as you press the trigger electricity runs through the device motor.

They have motors installed in it that help them in working. The motor then comes into action and as a result, it starts stapling. Electric Staple guns are so powerful due to their motors that they can even staple into thick woods. They are usually a bit costly as compared to mechanical staple guns. However, if you are not a professional you should stick to mechanical staple guns as they work fine on home projects.

The biggest disadvantage of electric staple guns is that they are limited to the power supply. It means you will have to carry either battery with them. Or if they are corded then you will only work with them when there is a power outlet nearby. Mechanical nail guns are free from such issues and their usage depends on the strength of their user.

Pneumatic Staple Guns

The term pneumatic means “Pressure driven” or “contains air”. These types of staple guns are very powerful. They are used for stapling into thick wooden sheets or metals. Most contractors who are linked with heavy-duty jobs use these kinds of staple guns. It is because they are extremely powerful and their performance is reliable. They require air pressure for their operation.

How to Load a Staple Gun with Pneumatic Staple Guns

The working principle of pneumatic staple guns is a bit different than the rest of the two. Unlike electric staple guns that require jolts of electricity for their operation, they need air pressure. They are usually connected to cylinders that are filled with compressed air.

Normally it is recommended to push two or three empty staples to ensure the staple gun is working. Once it is confirmed that the gun is in working condition then it should be used on different kinds of materials.

They are the best solution for joining pieces together due to their powerful staples. Also, they are not recommended for small house projects as they are too big. For small home projects, the manual staple gun is still the best solution.

However, if you can afford the pneumatic staple gun then it is worth it. The gun is so powerful that it will fix almost anything you want from wooden pieces to metal. Its staples will go through anything.

Final Words

They are mostly used by mechanics and mesons on heavy-duty job sites. As they do not require any electricity for their operation they are better than the electric staple guns. However, the biggest disadvantage of pneumatic staple guns is that they can not work rapidly. Eventually, they will run out of compressed air and you will have to refill them.

Refilling pneumatic staple guns can be quite time-taking which can result in delaying the project. However, if you have a spare cylinder then you are good to go without any issue. There are many biggest brands such as Arrow fastener and DeWalt in the US that manufactures high quality staple guns.

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