Makita xsh04zb review – top Ultimate Guide for 2021

If you are looking for the best circular saw then the Makita xsh04zb review is a perfect option. There are many features that make the saw stand out from the crowd. We found it after doing deep research for you because we care about you. There are other circular saws available in the market but none of them matches the functionality of the Makita xsh04zb review

About Makita xsh04zb review

Makita started as an electric motor sales and repair company when it was founded in 1915. The company has 100 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality tools for contractors. Due to its high-quality products the company made its way to 40 countries. Their strong research and development teams try to make the tools much more efficient day by day.

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People around the world who use their tools admire them. Their tools also produce fewer vibrations during the operation. This makes them one of the leading companies in manufacturing impact tools. They came up with their first cordless power tool in 1958 which caught the attention of people soon.

After the success of their cordless power tool, they kept manufacturing high-quality products. Today they are well-known for their brushless motors, impact wrenches, and high-quality drills.

Makita circular saw review

Makita xsh04zb review

The Makita xsh04zb is one of the highest quality circular saws available in the market. The saw possesses a remarkable design that makes it really stand out from the crowd. The even distribution of silver and black color makes it looks very beautiful.

There is a 3 stage LED gauge that indicates the battery level. The rubber soft-grip handle makes it much easier to use in all kinds of environments. The Aluminum base enhances its usage while the magnesium blade cover protects the blade from the hazards of the environment.

Makita xsh04zb Key Features

The thing that makes the Makita xsh04zb review stand out from the crowd is its dust port. It is lightweight and not too heavy which can be really handy on certain projects. The saw is powered by an electronically controlled motor. The motor reaches up to 5000 rpm and it is quite powerful to cut through wooden planks.

makita circular saw review

The base of the saw is adjustable and can be adjusted according to needs and requirements. For reference, there is a small scale printed on the blade cover which will help you in angle adjustment. There are dual LED lights that will turn on during the operation making the job much easier.

The saw is also capable of bubble cuts which can be adjusted up to 50 degrees. The power indicator will tell you about the remaining battery percentage which is quite useful. The best thing about the Makita xsh04zb review is that it is battery operated. Unlike corded circular saws available in the market this one allows you to operate anywhere you want.

The rubber grip feels really tacky and will not slip around your hands. This makes the saw much more durable for longer usage. Its dust collection port can be connected to a hose. It will collect all the dust leaving the environment free from sawdust.


  • Lightweight
  • Cordless, requires batteries to operate
  • Can be adjusted for Belleville cuts
  • Possesses LED light for a clear view
  • Durable and sturdy


  •  A bit expensive

Makita XSH04ZB review – Buying Guide

Here is a quick buying guide for those are going to buy a circular saw for the first time.

Cordless vs Corded SAW

The thing that differentiates cordless and corded saws is its amount of usage. If you are working in your garage or shed then you should go for a corded circular saw. Circular saws with cord are easy to use as they will never run out of power as long as they are connected to a power source.

They will handle most heavy projects without any issue however there is one huge disadvantage of corded circular saws. Since they are corded and need to be connected to a power source all the time you can not take them out with you. If you plan to make a seaside cabin or a snow cabin you will not be able to take the saw out as there would be no power there.

Even if you plan to take it with you then you will have to arrange extension cords/boards in order to keep it connected to a power source. However, cordless circular saws are quite good in that aspect. They don’t need to be connected to any power source during their operation. They will keep on working until their battery runs out. Makita xsh04zb reviews are usually built lightweight to make them portable and easy to carry around.

The biggest drawback of cordless circular saws is limited power. Since they work on a rechargeable/non-rechargeable battery they will eventually run out of power. Also, you will not be able to use them on bigger projects due to their limited power. However, they are best for home projects and even perform well on job sites if power is not an issue for you.

Fixed vs tiltable

If you are looking for a circular saw you should take a look at your requirement first. There are circular saws that are fixed and cannot be tilted. These kinds of saws only allow straight cutting However there are some versions that can be adjusted at certain angles. Just like the Makita XSH04ZB review, you can easily adjust it to the desired position and it will help you cut in Belleville syle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

How do you use a Makita circular saw?

Using the Makita Circular saw is super simple. The saw features an excellent grip all you have to do is to hold it firmly. Make sure you have marked the subject first to ensure accurate cutting. Then place the saw that the beginning of the wood. Start cutting, If you want to cut the wood in a bit tilted style then you should adjust the saw according to your need.

Are cordless circular saws worth it?

Yes, absolutely cordless saws work like a charm. It is because they are built so compact and lightweight that you can carry them around easily. Just in case you are working on a project outside it will cover you as it requires no cord to be connected to the power source. However corded circular saws need to be connected to a power outlet in order to make them work. .

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