Miter Saw Reviews Ultimate Top Buyers Guide 2021

I was working on a window replacement project when I felt a need for the miter saw. I started looking online but I was confused about which one to buy. With this Miter Saw Reviews, there were so many of them that put me in a situation where it was hard to decide. I crossed my fingers and ordered the now Metabo HPT and then Hitachi miter saw. It was so amazing that made me fell in love with it. The tool was super helpful to me during my entire project.

I wrote this review after a first-hand experience to help all those who are working hard day and night. it is sure there might be people who need to know about the best Miter saw before they invest their hard-earned money in one. I have also included a small buyer’s guide at the end of this article. The buyer’s guide will help you know about the important points to increase your knowledge about the miter saws.

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It will also help you in selecting the best miter saw for your projects.

About Metabo HPT Miter Saw Reviews

Miter Saw Reviews

The Metabo HPT is the new name for an old brand Koki Holdings America. It was part of the Hitachi Group as of Oct 2018. You probably have heard about Hitachi. They are producing the same tools with a new name in the North American region. They have earned the trust of many successful contractors through their super amazing tools.

The company has 70 years of experience in the engineering field and making useful tools. It has dedicated a large portion of its time to research and development. Through its unique approach and skilled R&D, they are able to bring innovative solutions.

Their remarkable products include sliding compound miter saw, cordless impact driver, collated automatic screwdrivers, and much more. They are also well-known for their lighter and faster power tools in the whole NA region.

Hitachi c10fcg Miter Saw Reviews

The Hitachi c10fcg is one of the best miter saws available in the market. The splendid design talks about the skill and remarkable engineering behind it. It is specifically designed for trim carpenters, framers, and woodworkers. The high-quality design provides precision, reliability, and versatility.

Hitachi C10FCG Miter Saw Reviews Key Specifications

Miter Saw Reviews

The Flexible miter angles and compound cutting capacity makes it an ideal tool for professionals. The 15 AMP motor generates enough load speed of 5000 rpm. It is able to make crosscuts and miters even on the toughest cutting applications. The best thing about the Hitachi c10fcg is its lightweight. It only weighs 24 lbs which are not too heavy and you can carry it around without any issue.

The Large table provides sturdy support with a vice clamping system. The vice clamping system helps you hold your workpiece safely in place. The miter can be adjusted with a super simple system. Its adjustment ranges from 0 to 52 degrees from the right and left for increased flexibility.

The bevile range is from 0 to 45 degrees left thus providing clean and accurate cutting. In order to clean your workspace clean and safe from airborne particles, it has a dust collector. The dust collector can be connected to the miter saw by means of dust collecting port.

Carbon brush access allows them to easily inspect them replaced if needed. This will greatly prolong the life of the tool. This miter saw provides smooth miters and crosscuts on wood, plywood, and decorative panels.


  • It is quicker, lightweight and much accurate
  • It comes in a very affordable price range
  • You can easily change the blade when needed


  • The instruction book needs a bit of improvement.

Hitachi c10fshc Miter Saw Reviews

Miter Saw Reviews Ultimate Top Buyers Guide 2021

The Hitachi c10fshc is a brand new sliding dual compound miter saw. The saw features a rear clearance sliding system which is basically going to allow you to sit this on a workbench or table.

The sliding arms move along fixed rails that face forward. They also have lineal motion bearings. Together the rails and the bearings allow smooth and effortless sliding motion. The best thing about the Hitachi c10fshc is all of its control is in front.

No matter if you are going for bevel adjustment or anything else Hitachi c10fshc has made it super easy for you. It also has a miter detent override that basically allows you to quickly slide back and forth. It helps you dial in specific angles as per your requirements.

The miter saw is also equipped with an adjustable laser and LED light. The laser and LED ensure maximum accuracy and better results. Both the laser and the LED are on the tool’s handle up above and covered by weatherproof rubber.

Hitachi c10fshc Miter Saw Reviews Key specifications

Miter Saw Reviews Ultimate Top Buyers Guide 2021

The saw is powered by a 15 amp soft star direct-drive motor. It is able to cut smoothly through framing lumber oak poplar to PVC trim. The motor is brushed which is a bit downside as the brushed motor is not very efficient but this one works great.

The saw also has electric breaks which help in avoiding accidental cuts. It can be a real lifesaver if things didn’t work as planned. As far as the fence and miter adjustments the fence is aluminum, pretty tall, allowing you to stand up stock.

The miter ranges from 0 to 60 degrees to the right and 55 degrees to the left on this one. The bevel ranges from 0 to 48 degrees both left and right and it is done VIA an upfront lever. One difficulty that I noted is you will have to completely remove the right sliding fence to get full capacity.

There is a large capacity dust bag that can be used for dust collection during the process. The dust collector ensures that your workbench stays clean from dust and airborne particles. The whole saw weighs only 45 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. The soft stop motor reduces the torque and stress level thus increasing the lifespan of the tool.


  • Lightweight
  • easy to use
  • Possesses LED and LASER for guidance


  • The laser is a bit finicky and different to adjust
  • The design needs improvement so that the adjustment fence should not be taken off during the bevel adjustment.

Miter Saw Reviews – buyer’s guide

Need for buying a miter saw

Sometimes you will have to work on projects that require joining pieces of woods. For instance, you are working on picture frames, window or door frames, furniture, or even decks. You will need a miter saw in all of these projects. Besides clean cuts, the saw is also able to make small pieces in a short amount of time. This will surely save time, money, and efforts.

Different Sizes of the Miter Saw

Miter saw blades are available in different sizes to meet all kinds of requirements. Usually, they come in 10 or 12-inch sizes. However, it can be a bit confusing whether you should buy a 10 inch or a 12-inch saw.

If this is the case with you then you should consider your requirement first. Take a look at your mostly done and ongoing projects. You will be able to decide whether you should go for 12 inches or the 10 inches will work perfectly for you.


Most miter saws nowadays are equipped with lasers. Lasers provide increased accuracy, making the tool much more efficient. Consider buying a tool that has laser guidance. It will help you in making accurate cuts and work efficiently on your projects. If your miter saw doesn’t have a laser system installed on it consider buying one for it.

Miter Saw Reviews FAQ

How do you release a miter saw?

In order to release the miter saw there is a knob located on the saw. The knob can be used to unlock the saw. If you want to adjust or release your miter saw loosen the knob. By losing the knob the saw will become unlocked and as a result, you can release it.

How do you use a circular saw as a miter saw?

There is a huge difference between a miter saw and a circular saw. However, if you want to use your circular saw then you will have to make a particular arrangement for it. You will have to make a frame that resembles the miter saw and install the circular saw in it.

Is a chop saw the same as a miter saw?

A chop saw is pretty much different than the miter saw. The chop saws are much more powerful and they are used for cutting metals. They have a large motor housed in it which adds to its power.

However, a miter saw is usually used for making angled cuts. They are not as powerful as chop saws because they are not intended to be used for metal cutting.

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