Stanley Bostitch Stapler [2021] Ultimate best Guide

Stanley Bostitch Stapler

Stanley Bostitch stapler is quite famous in the whole US. They are known for their excellent quality and remarkable design.

People use them in a wide variety of projects such as DIY, Home projects, or even on professional job sites.

However, beginners might have a hard time loading the Stanely Bostitch staple gun for the first time. We noticed this by doing a short survey on online platforms such as Pinterest and Reddit. We found that many people especially beginners had a hard time.

Stanley Bostitch Stapler: Things to know

They just didn’t know how to crank open the stapler and take out the magazine. Keep in mind that taking out the magazine is the main step of loading a Stanley Bostitch staple gun.

Are you one of those people who wants to know how to load a Bostitch staple gun? If yes then you should not panic at all. Because we have got you covered with our step by step and super detailed guide. In this article, we will not only explain how to load a Stanley Bostitch staple gun but also different types of staples.

Before you start loading your Stanley Bostitch staple gun make sure you have the right size of staples. The right size of staples will ensure that you are working on the right thing. If you don’t have the right type of staple nails then you might have a hard time loading the gun.

It is simple you just can not expect a 5.56 caliber gun to fire .50 BMG rounds. Yes, I am not comparing staple guns with firearms but this was just an example. Yeah, please calm down and keep on reading the guide because we are here to learn how to load a Bostitch staple gun.

Ideally, Bostitch staple guns are able to load staples of size 1/2 inch to 2 and a half inches. If you want to load something smaller or bigger than that it will simply not work. However, if you staple gun support it then no problem you are good to go.

Once you have selected the right size of staples for your staple gun. The next part is to open the magazine of the gun. Opening the magazine is not that difficult all you have to do is to push the mag release button. It is located near the base of the staple gun, once you press it, it will release the magazine of the gun. After releasing the magazine of the staple gun take it out and put the required size staples in it.

Stanley Bostitch Staple Gun

In order to do this hold the Stanley Bostitch Stapler from the top arm of the device. Once you have a solid grip on the staple gun press the magazine release button with your free hand. This will make the tray to come out. Always clean the tray before loading it with new staples. Once you know it is clean enough put new staples rail in the tray. Make sure that the prongs are facing downwards.

After successfully loading the Stanley Bostitch Stapler in the magazine tray place it in the drawer of the stapler and push it forward. You will hear a clicking sound if you do this correctly. The clicking sound means that the magazine tray has been installed successfully and it is ready for stapling.

You should take care while taking out the magazine tray. It is because if you put too much pressure on the button you can break it easily. If you broke the button you will not be able to load the staple gun again.

 Also, take an extra amount of care about the spring in the tray area.

It is responsible for pushing the magazine tray out when the button is pressed. If you accidentally break the spring your staple gun will become useless and it will never work again.

Some staple guns also use a pusher rod for the staples. It is powered by a small spring that helps the staples by pushing it forward. The purpose of the pusher rod is to keep feeding the gun and keep it ready for the operation.

 If the spring on the pusher rod breaks again this is a serious situation. Your staple gun will stop working like before because there will not be anything to push the staples to the mouth of the gun.

To ensure safety and keep you Stanley Bostitch Stapler safe for a longer time do not try to put too much force on the gun.

What Should I do If It Keeps on Breaking the Stapler

Stanley Bostitch

It can be a pretty annoying situation if your staple gun keeps on breaking the staples. If you happened to face such a situation then don’t worry. Try to disassemble the staple gun and check if there are any misplaced staples in the tray. If there are some, try removing the before you use it.

The reason most staple guns break staples is they have broken staples stuck in their trays. Due to the excessive amount of force applied to the tool it exerts a lot of pressure on the staples in the tray. As a result, these staples either break or get their teeth turned and stop working.

Stanley Bostitch Stapler: Can I lubricate my staple gun?

Lubricating staple gun will most likely solve jamming issues. But there is a disadvantage of lubricating the staple gun. If you are using oil-based lubricants chances are they will fall on your subjects. For example, you are going to staple an important book, and all of a sudden oil drops on it. You should never take such risks. However, if you still feel it is necessary to lubricate the staple gun then you should apply a little bit of grease.

Grease is a semi-solid will remain there as long as possible and it will not fall on your important documents or other subjects. They also tend to perform much better than oil-based lubricants. I hope this article will help you loading your staple gun for the first time.

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